Barkin Sertkaya

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar

Barkin Sertkaya is an internationally acclaimed guitarist and an academic. He performs frequently in New Zealand, directs the guitar studio at the University of Auckland – School of Music, and teaches in select schools in Auckland.

Barkin's scope of teaching expertise ranges across various international academia including the Bilkent University- College of Music and Performing Arts, Cankaya University and the University of Auckland. Barkin quintessentially blends pedagogical experience, classical Western ethos and Eastern philosophy, while respecting the contemporary techniques of leading schools, methods and virtuosos of the globe.

As a soloist, he performed in numerous festivals and won competitions throughout Europe, toured East Europe and Asia-minor with renown vocal artist Cem Adrian, performed with celebrated pianist Fazil Say , delivered hundreds of solo/ chamber recitals and was handpicked as a multi-instrumentalist performer in Cirque du Soleil’s ZED.

In his post New Zealand career, he performed in concerts including Auckland town hall, Cambridge and Hamilton guitar societies, Christchurch, Timaru, Nelson, Coromandel and New Plymouth. His debut tour "Anatolia-Aotearoa" was a "Quintessential performance for a unique classical guitar repertoire"(E. Kerr). He has also performed in Taranaki Classical Guitar Festival New Zealand, took the stage as a soloist for Concierto de Aranjuez and Vivaldi's Lute Concerti with BachMusicaNZ

The unique repertoire he performs as a soloist includes J. S. Bach arrangements, Rodrigo, Dyens, Lobos, Romantic period guitar, and a contemporary Eastern European playlist of Bogdanovic, Bayraktar and Domeniconi that concentrates on Anatolian culturescapes. Further, he has collaborated and commissioned works by Kiwi composers B.Paine; E. De-Castro Robinson, B.Hoadley. In 2020 B.Paine written his masterpiece in dedication to the artist, "Seikilos Chimes", which was funded by CreativeNZ and premiered in TCGSS2020 New Plymouth.